Latest weather information from Antrobus, Cheshire, UK Mon, 24-Jul-2017
Current Weather Conditions - Vantage Vue Station

Most of the readings on this page are from data gathered by the Davis Vantage Vue station. The only exceptions are the data in the Solar section. Only Solar power available - and in process of calibration!

Temperature (°C) Rain (mm) Pressure (hPa)
Current Temp: Rain today: Barometer:
Trend: °C/hr Rain rate(now): mm/hr Trend: hPa/hr
Dew Point: Rain last hour: High today: at
High Temp: at Rain this month: Low Today: at
Low Temp: at Rain this year:
Wind (mph) Other Solar
Current speed: from Last Rain:Solar Power: W/m^2
10min Avg. : from Run of Dry Days:UV Index:
High Gust today: at Run of Wet Days:Max Solar (calc) W/m^2
High Gust (10min): Humidity: %Is Sun Shining?:
High 10min Avg: at Hours of Sunshine:
Wind Run: miles

Station in use is a Davis Vantage Vue and data is collected by CumulusMX running on a Banana Pi Pro under Debian. Solar data is obtained from a homebrew detector based on small PV cell, data for this is collected by ESP8266/Arduino and data sent to BananaPi for storage in MySQL database - this s still in development. All data are stored in and retrieved from MySQL databases running on the Banana pi. Webpages created using RapidPHP and served by the Banana Pi using Apache2 and PHP5. The owner acknowledges the inspiration of other people in the creation of this website. If you have any questions please Email me